Failed to create surface with format...

asked Oct 4, 2019 in Platform Packages by g.costa

Hi EW,

I have an issue when I enable option "Buffered" in the SlideTransition or in the VerticalList.

My working conditions are:

  • Display 800x480
  • EW Studio Pro Version 9.00,
  • STTM32F7, RGB565

With SlideTransition using it on SwitchToDialog with a Dialog which has bounds: <0,0,800,480> the error message is:

[ERROR in ewgfx.c:792] Failed to create surface with format: 0 and size ( 802 x 482 ).

With VerticalList Bounds: <10,80,700,480>) with Buffered at true:

[ERROR in ewgfx.c:792] Failed to create surface with format: 0 and size ( 692 x 402 ).

If I disable the Buffered option the error (in both cases) disappear.

Does the errors come because the "malloc" fails?... in other words because I don't have enough RAM?





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answered Oct 7, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer
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Hello Gianluca,

yes, the error message means, that there is not enough memory to create the internal bitmap (surface) to store the buffered image of the GUI component. In case of a 800x480 dialog, the size of the surface is 802x482x4 bytes = 1510 Kbytes.

You can use the memory profiling wihtin the target in order to get a report about the current memory usage.

Best regards,


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