Font Resource Format while exporting

asked Oct 9, 2019 in Embedded Wizard Studio by Preethi Somasundaram

What will be the font resource format while exporting (generating code) in embedded wizard?

Will it be Alpha8 format since it is monochrome. Anyway to configure it to someother format like bitmap resource format?

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Preethi S,

Robert Bosch - India

1 Answer

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answered Oct 9, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer

Hi Preethi,

the attribute Qualitiy of the font resource defines the rasterization of the glyphs. 

During the code generation all font glyphs are stored as compressed data. During runtime they are decompressed and loaded into the glyph cache of the Graphics Engine as Alpha8 bitmaps. This makes it possible to colorize the glyphs during runtime.

There is no option to configure the format of the glyphs (e.g. as RGB565), because fonts do not have a color information.

Is there anything missing from your point of view?

Best regards,


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