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I am trying to use this example to get my board and display working. I am using the Adafruit ESP32 Wroom 32 feather board and a 320 x 240 TFT ILI9341 display. I have modified the ili9341_spi.c file to match the pin numbers on the feather board to the display. After making and flashing the project, I do not see the screen in the example.I notice in the monitor feedback I see this error, E (303) cpu_start: Failed to init external RAM! My ESP32 module does not have external PSRAM. Is this the issue, and if so, how I do I turn this off. I tried setting the flag -DEW_USE_PSRAM to 0, this didn't do it.

Edit: 3:23p

Well I figured failed out the failed to init external RAM problem out. I didn't know this was set up with menuconfig.So I disabled it.

I see the following warning; W (139) cpu_start: Chip revision is higher than the one configured in menuconfig. Suggest to upgrade it.

And the module fails to allocate the memory pool and this is where it is hanging up. Is the above waring related it to the memory pool failer?
Hi all,

I use an esp32 pico d4 and a display controlled by ili9341 and it got a touch driver xpt 2046, my question is, anybody had an example that work with the xpt2046?


Many thganks


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Got it working. I had to define EW_USE_PSRAM as 0 so external SRAM is not used for the frame buffer. Running it on a $3 ESP32 board. Very cool.
Great to hear that! Which version of esp-idf are you using?


ESP-IDF v3.3 2nd stage bootloader.
Hi All,

I manage the same issue as above, could some one tell where I should declare or define EW_USE_PSRAM as 0 please


many thanks

Hi All,

I found where it should be change.

it's on file ewconfig.h.

Now I get it work, my display is an ili9341 320x240
Hi Michele,

great to hear that it is working! Yes, with version 9.30 all the settings can be done at one location: ewconfig.h.

Best regards,


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