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The display we want to use is from Newhaven display. It has an internal COG controller, the NV3035C. I know that Embedded Wizard does not support this driver for this platform. I have a couple of quesions:

1. Is there a SSD1963 driver that I could use. Because Newhaven has a driver board with this controller on it that can drive the NV3035C parallel interface.

2. Is there a set guidellines for creating a software driver? One thing I read on the Newhaven web site that was interesting was that the NV3035 comes pre-intialized for optimal operation.

3. Does Embedded Wizard provide a service for writing a driver for the NV3035C?

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let me try to answer your questions:

1.) Within the Build Environment for STM32F407 (you can register and download this package) you will find a couple of display drivers - one is using the SSD1963. Although this driver is using the 16bit FSMC parallel interface, maybe this is helpful (e.g. concerning the initialization sequence).

2.) From Embedded Wizard point of view, the guideline is very simple - it is more or less one update function that transfers a rectangular area from the framebuffer to the display. The interesting part is the connection, the prototcol and the initialization sequence of the display controller - and this is defined by the display controller manufacturer.

3.) Yes we have done such display integrations as services. Please contact us directly via contact@embedded-wizard.de for more details.

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Thanks Manfred,

I downloaded the build environment for the STM32F407. I can probably use this driver if I knew how to change the pin mapping for the data lines to the ESP32 pins. I need to use the 8 bit data bus interface because SSD1963 driver board uses the 8 bit data bus. This is easy enough to change by writing the SSD1963_SET_PIXEL_FORMAT register of the SSD1963.

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