is there a way to have shadow effect for rectangle

asked Dec 2, 2019 in GUI Development by Chaitra
Hi Team,

We need a rectangle with shadow effect around the rectangle.

Is there a way we can do this in Embedded wizard.



Chaitra S G

1 Answer

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by Paul Banach

Hello Chaitra,

calculating shadows at the runtime is a CPU intensive task and not supported by the low-end GPUs found usually in embedded systems. As such, Embedded Wizard does not implement any shadow calculation.

To have a shadow you will need to prepare an adequate image containing the shadow. Since you are asking for a rectangle with shadow I would recommend you the Bitmap Frame view for this purpose. With this view you can display sophisticated and free resizable borders based on an image.These images can contain a shadow. If you want the color of the rectangle or shadow to change dynamically use the images in the ALPHA8 format and specify the color at the runtime.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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