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We have a customer font that has the characters for many languages plus some user defined characters.

I can use these these characters in word documents, but when I use them in EW they are rotated.


In EW:

In Word:

Is this a font issue? It does the same for Chinese characters, Korean characters and other symbols as well.


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so far we have not observed such issues. Therefore I suppose it is very probably related to the font. Also interesting and important ist the name used in your project to select the font. Does the name begin with the @ (at) sign? In such case try to select the same font without the initial @. Fonts starting with @ are intended for vertical text output. For example:

If the above trick does not help, you can provide us the font file for evaluation/debugging purpose. In such case contact us via:


Best regards
Paul Banach

Thanks for your response.

I just removed the @ symbol from the font name and it works now.


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