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My Embedded Wizard project has a lot of data (object position,config settings,password etc ) need to be stored.

As a prototype , I used AutoObject to store the above data.

My Device has a structure like below : 

typedef struct
  unsigned long  Header;                    
  unsigned long  DataLen;                   
  unsigned long  Checksum;
  int Position_X[10];
  int Position_Y[10];


When I run as prototype, I uesed below code to get object position and show on Stroked Path.

Database::Data is an AutoObject.


Now, I want to run on the device and get object position from the device structure (Position_X & Postion_Y).

Is there any suggestions how should I do ?



Best Regards,

Andy Dong

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Hello Andy,

your question addresses the aspect of how to exchange data between the GUI application and other software running on the device. I would recommend you to study following documentation:

Integrating with the device - describes basic concepts of data exchange and interaction between GUI/device

Device Class and Device Driver - describes a concept of an interface to separate the GUI application from other software.

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi Paul,

Thanks I will study the documents.


Best Regards,

Andy Dong

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