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Dear sir,

I want to make the screen display to orientation 180. Following Embedded Wizard guide,  I've attempted many times with several example for both Embedded Wizard 9.20 and 9.30.

All testing can't get the 180 degree rotation, even for 90 and 270.

If I set the item as 180:






 Then the program will failed into function “void EwPanic( void )” from EwInit() phase. Also the same result for 90 and 270.

So only  “normal” (0 degree)  rotation setting can make program run as expectation.

All the testing were under the EW studio examples and Rt1062 EVKB. 480x272 size.

I knew there is a option in IAR config to set "EW_SURFACE_ROTATION", I also change this IAR Option to match the EW Studio setting of "ScreenOrientation". But the program still run into function “void EwPanic( void )”.

So please help to how can I make screen as a 180 orientation?

Thanks a lot.

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before the Panic happens, there should be an error message indicating the reason of the error.

Nevertheless, the problem seems to be option EW_SURFACE_ROTATION within IAR that you have changed manually and that does not match to the Graphics Engine libraries.

Please try the following:

1.) Try the example ScreenOrientation by using the GCC compiler. It should work well and demonstrate the ScreenOrientation feauture.

2.) Try the example now by using IAR. Please do not forget to use the PostProcess as mentioned in the section Using IAR Workbench:

Does it work now?

Best regards,



Hi Manfred,

Follow your 2 steps, the 3rd step should add "libewgfx-m7-r180-iar.a"  into IAR project.  Is it right?  Also ,  "libewgfx-m7-iar.a" will be removed.

After all process above, when IAR project was complied , error message as below:

One thing needs to be mentioned that we create a new folder structure, we didn't keep the EmWi original folder structure.

So, does this problem is caused by different folder structure?  

Do we must keep the same folder structure with EmWi ?



Hi Jerry,

yes, I'm very sure that the problem is caused by the folder structure / project settings.

Of course, you are free to choose any structure you like - but it will not simplify the support...

Please let me know if 1) works and if 2) works.

Once this is working, you have the chance to compare the working IAR project with your IAR project and find the root cause for the linker error.

Best regards,


Hi Manfred,,

Thanks for your reply.

I found another way to solve the issue just now.

I use the evaluation Edition of EmWi studio, so I only have .a lib in RGB888 and RTE folders. I tried to remove the 2 lib from file list as pic 1 and add the 2 lib via IAR project option as pic 2, then the Rotation 180 comes to work.

Thanks a lot.



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