How to convert it into a curve

asked Dec 16, 2019 in Embedded Wizard Studio by Tonny

Hello embedded wizard team,

      I finished reading the path data document ,But I didn't find out how to draw the function of the curve. 



      I used Addline() drawing for the one picture!

      I want to convert figure one into figure two.  Which function should i call?

Best regards,


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answered Dec 16, 2019 by Paul Banach

Hello Tonny,

I'm not sure whether I understand your application case. I just assume, that you eventually want to draw a Bezier curve? In such case use the AddBezier2 or AddBezier3 to draw arcs instead of straight line segments. For details concerning the Bezier curves I would recommend you the Wikipedia article.

If you are looking for a way to stroke lines with the finger (or mouse), may be the article How can I extract an image drawn into the GUI via a touch screen? helps you further.

If none of the above answers do address your question, please explain more in details what you expect by the conversion between the figure one and two?

Best regards

Paiul Banach

commented Dec 17, 2019 by Tonny
Hello Paiul,

        Thanks for your help,I've already solved it.  
        I use the AddBezier3()  function.As long as I get this  "aNoOfEdges"value  large, it can form a curve.
Best regards,


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