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I want to use Vertical list to manage the items, when i slide left,  the item that i choose can move left, meanwhile show 4 buttons. 

How can i achieve below effects? Could you please give me some advices? Thanks a lot.



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Hello Sherry,

as first step, implement a GUI component representing the single item. Within this GUI component take care of the necessary interactions to handle the horizontal wipe, present the buttons, animations, etc.

Then use this GUI component as the class for the Vertical List. If the Vertical List is connected to Slide Touch Handler, ensure that the Slide Touch Handler is arranged behind the Vertical List otherwise it will prevent the items from being able to react to user interactions. See also: Combine several Touch Handlers.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your quick response.

I'm not very clear about the horizontal wipe. Do you mean i need use the wipe touch handler?

I can explain more about what i want: 

When i click one item, move it left, i hope the item can move left totally. When my finger move left 5 pixel, the item can move left 5 pixel, when move 10 pixel the item can also move 10 pixel.

If use the wipe touch handler, how can i get the pixels that my finger moves?

Could  you please give me more detail instructions? Thank you very much.


in fact, Wipe Touch Handler reacts to a gesture and fires then a signal. It is not intended to slide the contents.

Better would be you use the Slide Touch Handler. Additionally when you implement the GUI component representing the single item, you can use an Outline Box. The Outline Box can manage the views you want to slide. Connect the Slide Touch Handler with the Outline Box. Now when the user touches and drags within the items area, the contents are dragged.

Another approach would be to use the Simple Touch Handler. In this case you can individually implement what the component should do when the user performs particular gestures, e.g. drags the finger few pixels, etc. This approach gives you the best flexibility but it also requires the most effort when implementing it.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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