STM32F429 discovery board RTC

asked Dec 20, 2019 in GUI Development by ezed413
Does anyone have an example of how to tie the RTC on the discovery board to a TimePicker widget??

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answered Dec 21, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer


please have a look into the example BezierClock - there you will find an implementation of the time picker widget in the class BezierClock::SettingsScreen.

Setting the RTC on STM32F429-Discovery can be done by using the function EwBspClockSetTime() (as it is used in ewmain.c in function EwInit()).

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commented Dec 22, 2019 by ezed413
Thanks Manfred. I have the RTC clock working with the TimePicker, but the clock is a little slow. How do I calibrate the clock?
commented Dec 22, 2019 by ezed413
How do I set the TimePIcker to 12 hour mode?
commented Dec 22, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer
Concerning the RTC "calibration" - if the RTC does not work correctly, please check the clock settings of your MCU.

Concerning the 12 hour mode: In this case - the day still has 24 hours - you can adapt the method BezierClock::TimePicker.OnLoadHourItem() so that the strings of the list items are in the range from 0...12 instead of 0...23.

Btw: Within the Build Environment for STM32F429-Discovery, you will find also the exampled BezierClock - it is already adapted to work with the RTC.

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commented Dec 23, 2019 by ezed413
Thanks again Manfred. I didn't quite having it set up right. This was a big help. It is working great. Clock is accurate.

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