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Our current project will reach the limit of the available code size soon. Of course, we can optimize the C-code (middleware) of our project - but we are looking for some hints to reduce the resulting code size of our Embedded Wizard GUI project.

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The article Memory Footprint explains all details about the flash memory (ROM) usage and the data memory (RAM) usage. Furthermore, the article contains implementation hints and describes the different configuration macros the can help to optimize the memory footprint.

Especially, the section Optimizing the Flash Memory (ROM) usage describes the different possibilities to reduce the code size.

With version 9.20 a couple of code size optimizations have been done.

With version 9.30 Embedded Wizard was enhanced to create a Code Generation Report. It is an HTML file reporting the amount of flash memory (ROM) for the entire application as it will be needed in the target system. It includes all involved resources (e.g. bitmaps) as well as the logic of the application (the classes and the Chora implementation). 

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