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Good evening!!!!

I am new to embedded wizard tool .I have some doubts.

I have added the some text and imgaes in the canvas area of the main application in class core::root.I have created the component class core::group.

Now i have added the button on the first screen i..e,, in class core::root to go to class core::group component but i am not able to link both the components with the help of button .

expected result:When i am clicking on the button on the first screen it should go to the new screen i.e.., when the onpress button is clicked it should go to the next page .

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.


varun kumar

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Hi Varun,

welcome to the forum!

Concerning your questions or your doubts - let me recommend to study the Quick Tour which covers exactly your mentionend topics like 'Creating a new GUI component' and 'Integrating the GUI component within the application'.

Please take some time (approx. 60...90 min) and get familiar with all the different basic concepts - this will help a lot for your first GUI applications.

Best regards,


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