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NXP and others are supporting Mac OS X as it has become more popular among many (even at IBM: see https://mailer.tidbits.com/l/ACRXq0IZ763Izn3WmJAwa8920g/J6m6LsUF5hp2PWyBXMCRCQ/xj4hJovIy2rjUChNkkQIxQ). There are many examples of cross-platform development tools, so there really is no excuse not to.

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Unfortunately we don't have the Embedded Wizard Studio up and running on macOS. The reason for that is mainly historical. When we started to develop Embedded Wizard ~20 years ago, macOS was not so wide spread for developers as it is nowadays. Hence we put a focus on MS Windows and related frameworks as these were requested by our customers at the time. By the way, IAR and Keil are also only available for MS Windows environments.

Because of its long development history and the system dependencies we also have no plans to port Embedded Wizard Studio to macOS for the time being.

If customers are working on macOS, then we recommend to use Embedded Wizard within a Virtual Machine like VMWare, VirtualBox or Parallels Desktop. This is the environment that my colleagues and I are using without problems for years. It works great. Please see also the section: Editions and License Models.

I hope, it helps you further.

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