compiler warnings in DeviceDriver.c

asked Jan 2 in System Integration by MikeZ
Hi All,

My application is working, I  am using the STM32F429 MCU and the Keil uVision together with Embedded Studio. I get compiler warning " Implicit declaration of function ' DeviceDeviceClass_UpdateTemp' is invalide in C99" this relates to  the property I defined in Device::DeviceClass. As I say it is works without a  problem, I know it is definitely something I am not doing, I would like to know what  that is so I can be rid of this warning.



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answered Jan 3 by Manfred Schweyer

Hi Mike,

I assume that you get this compiler waring when you compile your device driver file (e.g. DeviceDriver.c). There you are accessing a function DeviceDeviceClass_UpdateTemp() which is not declared for the compiler. Please ensure that you have included the header file containing the declaration of UpdateTemp(). Please put the include

#include "Device.h"

at the beginning of your device driver file.

Best regards,


commented Jan 3 by MikeZ
Hi Manfred,

I have it included, but still the warnings persist.


commented Jan 3 by Manfred Schweyer
Hi MikeZ,

without seeing the code it's difficult to give the answer.

Please compare the declaration of DeviceDeviceClass_UpdateTemp() with your function call of DeviceDeviceClass_UpdateTemp(). Is there some missmatch?

Is the header file that really contains the declaration of DeviceDeviceClass_UpdateTemp() included?

Otherwise, please post the declaration and the usage of the function here.

Best regards,

commented Jan 6 by MikeZ
Hi Manfred,

I resolved the problem,  my  most recent device.h was not being referenced. I changed the project structure and now warnings are all gone. Thanks for assistance.


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