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Hello Paul,

         In the StrokePath,I have two line,

        Path.SetMaxNoOfSubPaths( 2 );
        Path.InitSubPath( 0,33);
        Path.InitSubPath( 1,33);

        Path.Begin( 0,  0.0   ,  220.0 );
        Path.Begin( 1,  100.0   ,  220.0 );


Now,I want to change two different lines into two different colors ,What shold i do?I didn't find a function that could change color .

Thank you.

Best regards,


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Hello Tonny,

please note, that a path contains just a vector information - it describes the shape or the outline. Displaying the path data is done by using a FilledPath or Stroked Path view. These views can be configured to show the entire path with a certain color.

In your case, you can create two Path Data objects and use two Stroked Path views - each with the desired colors.

Best regards,


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