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asked Jan 21 in GUI Development by luedo


I'm currently fixing some aesthetics issues for our applications. It runs on a old EW version (8.00)

Situations: I have a video playing and at the end of the video an abort button showing up when the video sequence is over. The last image of the video needs to be kept on the display along with the abort button.

The image below shows a situation I generated for debug purposes. The abort button is deliberately placed where it is in the image, but its real placement (at the bottom in the middle) also interferes with the image.

The video is first played, then the abort button is shown and finally an error text is displayed.

The CoreRoot__UpdateGE20(aApplication, canvas) function return and "update rectangle" of 70x70 pixels, which is the size of the abort symbol png file.

What is not clear to me is where I can manage the size of the "black rectangle" that is drawn along with it, or if there is such possibility. 

Thank you for you support,



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answered Jan 22 by Manfred Schweyer
Hi Ludo,

it's difficult to give you the right advice without knowing the implementation.

I assume that the "black rectangle" is part of your GUI component that contains the abort button. Does the component appear correctly within the Prototyper?

Best regards,

commented Jan 22 by luedo
Hi Manfred,

I understand your point.

Yes to me also the "black rectangle" must be part of the component that contains the abort button. However I don't see it anywhere in there and  it looks good in the prototyper.

Anyway I found a workaround that fixes my isse. I just display the button at the start of the video and then it looks good as it is printed behind the images.




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