Upgraded from a STM32F429 DISCO board to a STM32F746 DISCO board

asked Feb 1 in Embedded Wizard Studio by ezed413
I have a question. I started working on our user interface with the STM32F429 DISCO. The display has the same resolution as the Newhaven display that we want to use. We need the Newhave for the sunlight readability. We upgraded to the F476 DISCO board because of the 24 bit color width it has and we want to continue the development with the Newhaven display. I removed the display from F746 DISCO board and made an adapter so that I could use the Newhaven display. It has a 54 pin connector verses a 40 pin LCD connector on the F476 DISCO board. The Newhaven display has 10 white LED's for the back light where as the display that comes with the F476 DISCO has 12, 6 pairs in parallel so I believe connecting the backlight output from the F746 to the Newhaven display should  be ok. But looking at the EW_BSP_DISPLAY.c file I notice that EW is using an interrupt from the display. The Newhaven display does not have an interrupt. Will I be able to use this display then? PS, I did change the timing parameters of the display to accomadate the Newhaven display.

One more thing, there isn't a backlight voltage on pin 2 of the LCD connector on the F746 DISCO board.

I did build a simple app with a text component for the F746 DISCO board using a resolution of 320 x 240 to test the display.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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