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Dear all,


We encountered an issue when playing video data. From time to time, part of the video flickers. More specific, the region which has no movement flickers, while the region which contains movement does not (see attached images). As I mentioned, this issue is not consistent, most of the time, the encoding works fine.


Our setup:

  • MCU: STM32F769 (with JPEG decoder)
  • Embedded Wizard version 8.0
  • The video data is stored as MJPG

Did somebody experience this issue already?

Already many thanks.

When I was playing an animation, using the double buffering (see the answer below from Paul Banach) did help. But once in a while it did lag on the animation part. What did help on my project was, because I use FreeRTOS, to give the embedded wizard task a higher priority while playing the animation.

My MCU is the STM32F746.

Maybe this helps

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Hi luedo,

can you please describe your application more detailed?
How did you intergrate the MJPG player to your project?
Are you using a separate graphic layer for the video or is it drawn to an Embedded Wizard view, using Embedded Wizard applet class for example.

Are you using double buffering?

Maybe there is some syncronisation issue between video frame decoding and Embedded Wizard display update.

Another reason for the flickering could be a missing cache clean/invalidate.


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