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asked Feb 11 in GUI Development by vamsi
Hi Team,


We are doing memory analysis to our project.we just need to understand how much memory an empty embedded wizard project will take

and if we get any detailed memory details related to the resource like line and rectangles will be helpful.




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answered Feb 11 by Paul Banach

Hello Vamsi,

with version 9.30 we added two new features to Embedded Wizard. These are introduced in following sections:

New 'Memory (RAM) usage' window to track the RAM usage of the application during Prototyping.

New 'Code Generation Report' (Code metrics) to get overview of ROM (Flash) usage of the resulting binary.

Improvements of the 'Chora Objects' window displays also the RAM usage of Chora objects (e.g. Line, Rectangle views, etc.) during Prototyping.

These values are estimated but should give you the right impression of the necessary resources. If you want the RAM usage to be calculated byte exact for your target, you have to use the function EwPrintProfilerStatistic() in the target device. To get the exact ROM (Flash) usage you have to evaluate the linker MAP file. This is also true for all versions older than 9.30.

Does it answer your question?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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