How to create dynamic layout

asked Feb 12 in GUI Development by jirgl
Hello, I would like to create layout dynamically by some JSON or XML file. Is there any option how to load this file as resource, read it and use configuration from it? Can I create UI elements from Chora?

Thank you,
Jakub Jirgl

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answered Feb 12 by Paul Banach
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Hello Jakub,

there is no JSON/XML parser integrated in Embedded Wizard. But creating of GUI components dynamically is not a problem. Please see the section Compose the component programmatically.

If you don't depend on the XML/JSON syntax I would suggest to design a simple syntax for your particular purpose and implement the corresponding parser. Or you would need to implement a JSON/XML parser or integrate an existing one to your project. For simple application cases you can pass the UI description in a string to EmWi and process/parse the string in Chora. Please see the description of the string data types.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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