Touch not working with CoffeMachine example on STM32F769-Discovery

asked Mar 5 in Getting started by rscr


I am new on Embedded Wizard. and STM32. I am trying to run the CoffeeMachine example into STM32F769-Discovery board by compiling it with this profile

(I can build and install it using StartGccBuildEnvironment.bat). The problem is there is no touch detection. But running the examples provided with the stm32 platform package (HelloWorld, and any other) the touch is working.

Running the examples on Windows with Win32 profiles works perfectly.


Any idea?

Kind Regards

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answered Mar 6 by Manfred Schweyer


according to your description I assume that the different provided examples are working fine - only the coffeemachine example (which is one of the examples installed with Embedded Wizard Studio) does not work correctly. The ScreenSize is already configured correctly.

Is there any message in the console window, reporting an error?

In order to ensure that the touch is working, you can add an EwPrint() message into the main loop when touch events are detected by calling EwBspTouchGetEvents() (see ewmain.c). Is the touch working?

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commented Mar 6 by rscr

Hi Manfred, 

Is there any message in the console window, reporting an error?

I have no messages on console window, not even the ones on the

I am connecting with Putty, 115200, 8-N-1 to the COM port specified by STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual COM Port and I get the this:

Maybe I am missing something?

Kind Regards

commented Mar 6 by Manfred Schweyer

if you try the original HelloWorld example (with an unmodified Build Environment), there should be a proper startup message sent via serial interface.

Please check once again  (maybe on a different PC) - but it would be (also for further development) very helpful to get messages on a console window. Also check the terminal settings.

Best regards,

commented Mar 6 by rscr

With HelloWorld example keeps not working the console output.

I am powering the board through CN16 (PC to Board connection). That's correct or I should power through CN15 and use CN16 for PC-Board connection?

Kind Regards,

commented Mar 6 by Manfred Schweyer
Hi Rafa,

CN16 (ST_LINK connector) is sufficient for powering - jumper CN3 should be set accoringly.

Can you try with another USB port (without USB hub) on your PC and please check the Windows device manager if the virtual COM port is accessible.

Alternatively, you can test with a different terminal application (e.g. Tera Term) or on another PC?

Best regards,

commented Mar 9 by rscr

Hi Manfred, 

I have fixed the touch issue by removing the DriveCursorHitting method on Application::Application and adding to the WelcomeScreen:

- SimpleTouchHandler

- OnTouch slot property, with the next code in the onset method:

// The value doesn't change - nothing to do.
if ( pure OnTouch == value )

// Remember the property's new value.
pure OnTouch = value;

// TO DO:
SimpleTouchHandler.OnPress = value;

Finally, in Application::Application, I have created CloseWindowScreen slot:

/* remove the screensave as soon as the user has touched the screen */
if ( Saver != null ){
  ProductScreen.Enabled = true;
  Remove( Saver );
  Saver = null;

And in StartScreenSaver I have added:

Saver.OnTouch = CloseWelcomeScreen;

The console still not working.

Kind Regards

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