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Hi Manfred,

In Our Project We are using two Languages as English and Japanese, 

While we are changing the Language from English to Japanese in runtime we are getting the below error.

Error Code: 180

Failed to get metrics for glyph info2 from the font info1

Please give us the more info on this



Best Regards,

Vamsi Krishna

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Hello Vamsi,

the error indicates that there is no glyph in the font for one particular text character. The values info1 and info2 provide more details concerning which character code causes the problem. In order to save the flash/ROM Embedded Wizard converts only those glyphs which are explicitly listed in the attribute Ranges. I suppose, the Japanese text contains character codes not listed in Ranges attribute of the affected font. See also similar thread: Code 180 and Large strings with Simple Text View.

Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Sorry for late reply

it is resolved thatnk you for suggestion

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