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I want to draw texts with stroke, like this:

Can you tell me if I can draw the blue stroke of the text like this?

Thank you !


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displaying text outline is not supported. You have following possiblities for a workaround:

Option 1: Use bitmaps containing the text fragments. 

Option 2: More sophisticated: you can prepare several bitmaps for individual glyphs and compose them together dynamically at the runtime.

Option 3: If the font is available in SVG format, you can extract the path data from the font and display it by using Filled Path and Stroked Path views. Please see the section Create a path from an SVG string. Similarly to option 2 you will need to compose the text from glyphs individually. THis makes the approach more difficult.

Option 4: By using multiple Text views you can achieve an 'outline effect'. The following image has been created by using 9 Text views. The top-most Text view is red. The remaining 8 Text views in the background are blue. Each of the 8 views is slightly moved. One is moved 4 pixel to the left. The other 4 pixel to the right, etc.. When the text content changes, you simply assign it to all 9 Text views:

Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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