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I would like to signal the same slot (updateHoldingRegisters) from two Slot properties of the same object (FancoilSpeed, OnTempReferenceUpdate):

And then, on updateHoldingRegisters, I would like to know who has signaled the slot method, something like:

if(sender == Thermostat.FancoilSpeedSelector){

     //do something

}else if(sender == Thermostat.OnTempReferenceUpdate){

     //do something

But using sender is not working. 

How could achieve this?

Kind Regards, 


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Hello Rafa,

I suppose the signal is sent by another object existing within FrancoilSpeedSelector, etc. To see who is the true sender of a signal add following statement to your slot method and test it in prototyper:

trace sender;

The statement trace prints outputs on the Log window.

Can you verify this?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi Paul,

Ok I will try and post the results.

Kind Regards,


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