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Hello Team,

      After I finished the devicedriver, I found a little problem 

 1.If I rotate the knob,This value will be change,But the Focus doesn't move it .for example:I change the Gain value,But the Green circle stiil display on SOURCE.

Is there any way to transfer the green circle to my adjusted object ?

2.If i use Value Display instead of Text,Can you make it look like text box display an array ?

Because I didn't find string attribute in this.


I  use text box display arrays is:

Application::Device.Gain = Sider.CurrentValue;

Knob.String = string( Application::Device.GAIN[Application::Device.Gain] ) ;

postsignal OnChange;

and is this replaceable??Or can I add an String attribute to the Value Display? 


Best regards,


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Hello Tonny,

Concerning your first question, the focus is manged by Focus properties. As far as I remember you used this property already. When the user presses a key UP/DOWN you estimate the preceding or next widget and 'focus' it. Please see also the section Keyboard events and the focus path.

Concerning your second question, Value Display is designed to display numerical values. It is not intended to assign a string to it. Instead use the common Text view. By the way, compared with Value Display, Text views occupy less resources.

Best regards

Paul Banach


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