i have stm32f469i-disco. i writing demo app . but touch do not working . why? also can not compile with keil

asked 6 days ago in Getting started by mixo3891

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answered 6 days ago by Manfred Schweyer


It seems that your question is not complete - there are just a few pictures.

Please try to follow the Getting Started with STM32F469 Discovery Board and describe what you have done and what does not work. The more details you provide the better help you can expect.

Best regards,


commented 5 days ago by mli

Hi mixo3891,

I just downloaded STM32F469-Discovery.zip (V9.30) again from https://get.embedded-wizard.de/ and I rebuild the HelloWorld project in the same way as shown in you first video.
On  my side build and flash programming with MDK-ARM (V5.29) works correctly and also the touch screen works. I'm using the board STM32F469I-DISCO (MB1189 B-01).

In you video, I noticed, that compiler V5.06 update 3 build 300 is used, although in the keil project file 'Project.uvprojx' '<pCCUsed>6100001::V6.10.1::.\ARMCLANG</pCCUsed>' is set. So, I do not understand, how this can happen. Have you already tried to change the compiler version in the Keil project settings manually?


commented 5 days ago by Manfred Schweyer
Hi again,

now it seems to be clear what is going wrong with the touch driver: The MB1189 B-01 (old revision) is using FT6206 touch controller (which is supported within the Embedded Wizard Build Environment for STM32F469-Discovery) and the MB1189 B-02 (new revision) seems to use FT6336 touch controller.

So we have to adapt the Build Environment accordingly. First I need to order a B-02 board.

Thanks for reporting the error!

Best regards,

commented 4 days ago by mixo3891
I update keil but there is same problem :(

&micro;Vision V5.29.0.0
Copyright (C) 2019 ARM Ltd and ARM Germany GmbH. All rights reserved.

Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain:        MDK-ARM Professional  Version:
Toolchain Path:    C:\Keil_v5\ARM\ARMCC\Bin
C Compiler:         Armcc.exe        V5.06 update 6 (build 750)
Assembler:          Armasm.exe        V5.06 update 6 (build 750)
Linker/Locator:     ArmLink.exe        V5.06 update 6 (build 750)
Library Manager:    ArmAr.exe        V5.06 update 6 (build 750)
Hex Converter:      FromElf.exe        V5.06 update 6 (build 750)
CPU DLL:               SARMCM3.DLL          V5.29.0.0
Dialog DLL:         TCM.DLL              V1.36.5.0
Target DLL:             STLink\ST-LINKIII-KEIL_SWO.dll      V3.0.7.0
Dialog DLL:         TCM.DLL              V1.36.5.0
commented 4 days ago by mixo3891
keil kompiling problem solved, I clear all output files all cash and with  MDK-ARM Professional  Version: it compiled good and flashed.

but touch still not working. I think there is driver problem, you have MB1189 B-01 version. I have MB1189 B-02 and need other driver
commented 4 days ago by mixo3891
please contac me when you fix this error. thank you

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