Is circular sliding possible?

asked Mar 27 in GUI Development by RobShandAtsr
Hi There,

I'm using EW 8.30

I have a slide handler which uses Core::Outline and Effects::PointEffect to create a page system which allows the user to swipe left and right light a mobile phone.

It works well, but I find that if I'm on the leftmost page, it will not allow me to swipe left, and if I'm on the right most page, it will not allow me to swipe right

I would like the option if I'm on the left most page to swipe left to the right most page, ie in a ciruclar motion.

At present, I cannot see the EW allows this. Would you mind answering the following questions:

* Can it be done in EW by setting an option?

* If not, do you think it would be a lot of effort/complexity for me to modify a component to allow this circular effect?

Kind Regards,

Rob Shand

1 Answer

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answered Mar 27 by RobShandAtsr
Ah, I've answered my own question. The SolarDemo, which comes from Embedded Wizard includes the class Solar::PanelCarousel, which implements this effect

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