Usage of class varient in GUI development

asked Mar 30 in GUI Development by varunshatagopam
Hi Team,

If we want to use the external functions we will use it like below shown example  inside the DeviceClass



extern void function_name();



Now here i want to check this at the time of prototying then we will use the class varient .

query . How that function will be called using class varient vclass(Device class) as you did in the coffee example in quick tour (9th point).

Could you please explain .


varun kumar

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answered Mar 31 by Paul Banach

Hello Varun Kumar,

I'm sorry, but I do not really understand your question. Do you have doubts of how to invoke a Device Class method? In such case I would recommend you the chapter Use the Command in the GUI application. This is also the right approach if the Device Class has been overriden by a class variant. If the class variant is active, invoking the method of Device Class will be 'redirected' to the class variant. Whether a class variant is active or not is determined by its attribute VariantCond. If you set this attribute to the value $prototyper the class variant 'overrides' the original Device Class automatically when your GUI application is running in the Prototyper. Also interesting is the chapter Adapt Device Interfaces for Prototyping.

If the above documentation does not answer your question, please provide more details.

Best regrads

Paul Banach

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