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asked Apr 4 in Embedded Wizard Studio by jirgl

Good morning, I am using google font "Noto Sans" and I would like to display some glyph (e.g. ङ) from google website I found out that this glyph has value 0x919, so I just added this value into Ranges property in font resource.

Glyph is not displayed and I see only empty rectangle and this error:

Font is installed and characters between 0x20 and 0xFF are displayed correctly.

Thank you for your help

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answered Apr 6 by Paul Banach
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according to the error message (info2) the missing glyph has code dec 2401 (hex 0x0961).

Best regards

Paul Banach
commented Apr 6 by jirgl

I am sorry for inconvenience. It was screen from another testing character. Noto Sans font is installed succeffuly and I see character ङ in another program properly. Ranges are 0x20-0xFF,0x919 (0x0919 does not work as well).

commented Apr 7 by Paul Banach


We have investigates this issue and found that there are different versions of the Noto Sans font available. The included glyphs depend on the particular version. It seems that you are using a version without Devanagari glyphs. In case of other programs able to display the glyphs, the programs will probably select the Devanagari glyphs from other fonts supporting them.

Try to download the following version Noto Sans - Google Fonts. This version worked for me:

Ensure that you deinstall the old version before you install the new one. Also restart Embedded Wizard after changing the fonts to purge internal font caches.

I hope it helps you further. Please note the limitations of Embedded Wizard concerning complex text layout. Using Embedded Wizard you can display individual Devanagari glyphs, as long as there is an associated Unicode code point. The complex text processing, necessary to display normal Devangari text, is however not supported.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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