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Hi Team

   I'm using EW 8.3 at MiMxRT1062 platform with RTE Generic RGBA8888.  I have completed the migration and the EW UI can be displayed on the screen. 

   There is a simple button with text and an icon (blink once per second)  at the UI pageBut here I encountered a strange situation. 

   1. If I keep pressing and releasing the button since the system started, it will work without any errors.

   2. But If I press the button after a period of  system startup (about 25 seconds), it will cause Hardfault. (BusFault or useage fault.) 

   I have no idea why after  no operation for a certain time will cause Hardfault. 




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Hello Andy,

it is difficult to detect the reason for a hardfault without having the board on the table....

Maybe you can try your experiment with our Build Environment for i.MXRT1060 which is already prepared for that target and which comes with a suitable system initialization (e.g.system and clock configuration, MPU settings,....) All these have to be done by yourself if you are using the Generic Platform Package.

Furthermore, please try to use a current version of Embedded Wizard - e.g. version 9.30 instead of 8.30.

Best regards,


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