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Hi Team,

Based on an external Application State which might happen randomly, I need to Update a Particular Dialog(Screen).

So i am planning to Check for a particular Dialog in the DeviceDriver_ProcessData() and Update it.

However When i try to access the current active Dialog using isDialog(),isCurrentDialog(),isActiveDialog(), It is always returning false.

Using FindCurrentDialog() in chora is producing proper results. However when it is converted to the C code it uses the reference of the function from which it is invoked(_this). So I was unable to add this piece of code to devicedriver.c file.

I am not able to access the Dialog related activity in the DeviceDriver_ProcessData().

Is it possible to access the Dialog from the DeviceDriver_ProcessData() and if so any pointers as to how it can be achieved?


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Hello Saravana,

of course, it is somehow possible to access the current Dialog from the C code within your Device Driver.... but let me highly recommend to do that NOT.

A device should never have any knowledge about the GUI implementation! Just let the device provide the information and let react the GUI accordingly.

Therefore, let me recommend the chapter System Event and System Event Handler - they describe how you can inform your GUI about some external state which may happen randomly.

I hope this helps to find an appropriate and maintainable software architecture.

Best regards,


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