Why doesn't software match hardware ?

asked Apr 17 in Embedded Wizard Studio by Tonny

Hello team,

          Whether the contents of the embedded wizard software can be fully presented on the target board?

          In the embedded wizard,I only press KEYA,it can change yellow,

         In the target board(hardware),

         (This is the message I received in the serial port )As you can see, (Key A) instructions have been received,But it doesn't change yellow.

         And where is my problem ?  embedded wizard or my hardware?


Best regards,


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answered Apr 17 by Manfred Schweyer
Hello Tonny,

if your application and the key handling is running fine within the Prototyper, I assume that maybe the problem is related to the key insertion within your main loop.

Can you post the code snippet where you detect that the hardware button is pressed (and released) and how you convert that into a CoreKeyCode?

Best regards,

commented Apr 17 by Tonny

Hello Manfred,

       I tried to run step by step, it can return CoreKeyCodeKeyS.(And now I'm using  keyS )

     I can do other things the same way, but I can't change the color .Other returns will see the effect ,Only can not operate it to change color .

What's the reason ?

Best regards,


commented Apr 17 by Manfred Schweyer
Can you upload your entire ewmain.c file - then I will have a look on it.

Best regards,

commented Apr 17 by Tonny
Hello Manfred,

    Oh,Thank you for your kindness, because I changed too much code, very different from the original code, for example, I will pass the value into some of the ewmain.c file, I will study myself again.Thank you very much.

Best regards,


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