embedded wizard platform package will not install

asked Oct 16, 2016 in Platform Packages by craigs
after installing the wizard 8, the Platform Package installtion will not install.
Error box says:
Missing embedded wizard installation. Please install embedded wizard studio 8 first before you install this platform package!

This is on a Win10 system.

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answered Oct 18, 2016 by Manfred Schweyer

Dear Craigs,

I just verified the installation of Embedded Wizard Evaluation Edition and the STM32FX Platform Package once more on a PC using Windows10 and it seems to work as expected.

Please ensure to install first Embedded Wizard setup and afterwards the Platform Package.

Please have a look into your system-control folder 'Programs and Features' - there you should find the following entries:

If you still have a problem, please try to download and install once again.

commented Dec 18, 2016 by craig1

I have the same issue, will not install. (on win 10 system)

"programs and features" show wizard installed, yet platform will not.


commented Dec 19, 2016 by Manfred Schweyer
The problem should be fixed meanwhile. I will send you an updated version of the setup via email.

Best regards,


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