Is it possible to limit the Font Quality particular Screens

asked Apr 28 in GUI Development by vamsi
Hi Manfred,

We are trying to Reduce the Font Quality For particular Screens,So that we can reduce code memory

Is it possible?



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answered Apr 28 by Manfred Schweyer

Hi Vamsi,

in principle you can reduce the Font Quality in order to save code memory. Please note, that this setting can be done per Font Resource and not for particular screens (or GUI components).

In order to reduce the code memory, there are several other possibilities - let me just list some of them:

In order to get an overview of the flash usage please check the code generation report.

Best regards,


commented Apr 29 by vamsi

Hi Manfred,

Thanks for the Info that helps us alot.

We are using some of the techniques that are mentioned like 

please let us know if there are any techniques to optimize the memory further that will help us a lot.



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