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asked May 1 in GUI Development by PhilShaw

Is there a self incrementing Build Number that is generated when pressing build that can be ready by the GUI?



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answered May 1 by Paul Banach
Hello Phil,

such build number does not exist. I will discuss with my colleagues whether to add such feature. It sounds interesting. On the other hand it will be difficult to ensure that the number is continuous and unique especially if multiple team members work on the same project ... What is your intention to use the build number?

Best regards

Paul Banach
commented May 2 by Tim Zierer

Hi Phil,

I would solve this with a post process

As you can see within the inspector of the profile brick, there is an option called 'Post process'. Here you can insert the path to a batch file. 

Within this post process I would increase a counter each time when the batch file will be processed, in our case each time when we build the Embedded Wizard project. Technically each Embedded Wizard .ewu files is read and writable with any kind of editor, also by a batch process (BTW, you also can call a PowerShell Script with an batch process).

As next, I would create a Embedded Wizard Variable within the application to make it accessible for the designer before you build the project. As you can see in the picture below, this variable is simply a text line in the related .ewu file. Just let increase the number in that line by the post process.

This variable you can use a usual within your UI project.

Best regards,


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