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asked May 4 in Embedded Wizard Studio by PhilShaw


I am using the Noto Sans font (Regular and Medium) and am getting size issues.

The image below shows Noto Sans Medium 36px | Arial 36px | Times New Roman 36px | Noto Sans Medium 41px

As you can see, to get Noto Sans medium to display @ 36px, I have to increase it to 41px.

There is also space above the accent, where the others are tight to the top of the text box. 

Which leads to me second observation. Text is tight to the top of the text box. This is not how the software our Industrial Designers use. I know I can offset this using the scroll offset but this becomes very manual in lots of places. As a future improvement it would be great to see this header added (linked to the font size).


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answered May 4 by Paul Banach

Hello Phil,

the differences you observe result from the design of the particular fonts. Let me refer following documentation. It explains the relation between the specified font height and font metrics Ascent and Descent:

The problem here: the metrics Ascent and Descent are predetermined by the original designer (creator) of the font. If the designer has decided to have more space in the Ascent area, then you will observe a gap above ascent. Embedded Wizard uses these original metrics information without overriding it. In this way, the displayed text will correspond to however the original designer has imagined to display his/her font. 

Can you please explain what do you mean with "As a future improvement it would be great to see this header added (linked to the font size)."?

Best regards

Paul Banach

commented May 4 by PhilShaw
Hi Paul,

What I don't understand is that if I use Noto Sans Medium 36px and measure a capital A in Adobe XD it is 26px, in GIMP it is 26px but in EmWi it is 19px.

Are they maybe rescaling?

commented May 4 by Paul Banach
Hello Phil,

the value (e.g. 36) you specify in Embedded Wizard determines the height in pixel of a text row including Ascent and Descent areas of this text. This aspect is demonstrated in the figure above. We do not scale the fonts or recalculate the sizes. When converting a font, Embedded Wizard passes the specified font height value (e.g. 36) as it is to the Windows font engine. The engine rasters thereupon the glyphs accordingly.

The interesting question thus, why does Windows calculate the font height as it does actually? Frankly speaking, I have no idea. What we can see, the resulting glyphs have the right metrics so that the distance between two consecutive text rows does always correspond to the specified font height (e.g. 36 pixel).

I will put this item on my list and discuss it with my colleagues.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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