Why is switching slow?

asked May 25 in System Integration by Tonny
Hello Team,

        I have a question ,if Application has a lot of class,when i switch the interface,you should be impressed with my project,I can see there's a little delay,WHY?Is it because I'm using too much memory?

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answered May 25 by Manfred Schweyer
Hello Tonny,

yes, this could be the case... but without knowing your target and your application it is difficult to give helpful advices.

If your components contain a lot of bitmap resources which are stored compressed, then they have to be decompressed and loaded into RAM during runtime as soon as they are needed. This can cause some noticeable delay when switching the GUI from one screen to another one.

Can you provide more details?

Best regards,

commented May 25 by Tonny
Hello Manfred,

       The project include: 41 Class and 41 method、property,There aren't a lot of bitmap,

        I found that if only the sample interface is not delayed,Is there any way to optimize ?

Best regards,

commented May 27 by Manfred Schweyer

Hi Tonny,

I'm sorry but based on the provided information I cannot give any advices...

What do you mean with "I found that if only the sample interface is not delayed,Is there any way to optimize ?"

Please try to add some more information:

What kind of target are you using? Which Build Environment and which version?

How long is the delay?

Are you accessing some device drivers when you switch the GUI screens?

Best regards,


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