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I have started a new project with embedded wizard 9.30 Free, using iMXRT1064 .

I did not find provision for iMX6 or iMX7  platforms.

Is there a provision for iMX6, iMX7 or iMX8  platform,   for the commercial embedded wizard tool?

Or is plan to be provided on a future release of your product?

many thanks

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With respect to your inquiry: Embedded Wizard supports of course the i.MX6/7/8 MPUs. But due to the fact that corresponding environments are very heterogeneous, it's not so easy to provide off-the-shelf Build Environments like for the MCUs. In case you want to evaluate Embedded Wizard on those platforms we are usually handcrafting a Build Environment according to our customers' designs, set-ups and configurations. If this is interesting for you, please feel free to contact us via contact@embedded-wizard.de and we can have further discussions about this.

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