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Hello there, 

we have some problem with application freezing (probably with GC). Our application has 2 views which are switching by timer. Each view has own non visual component for state management. Application is regularly freezing when we create non visual component like that:

Freezing is very well predictable and correlation with time is obvious. So we thing that GC does not work properly and there is no more memory in time of application freeze. We found this usage of non visual component in example. Is this usage wrong? When we use non visual component like singleton, it is working well.

Thank you for feedback,
Jakub Jirgl

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Hello Jakob,

in principle the described scenario should work well...

According to your description it seems to me that you are running out of memory. In order to find the reason for the application freeze, please try the following / please let me know the following:

  • Which target are you using?
  • Are there any error messages reported by the system via a serial connection to a console window on the PC?
  • Please try to use the memory profiling feature on your target in order to see it the number of objects are increasing continuously. Does this give some further information?

Alternatively, you can reduce your application to a small example and post it or send it to us in order to make further investigations.

Best regards,



Hello Manfred,

thank you for your response. Primary, I was worried about using statement "new Controllers::AlarmList" from image. I was not sure if this is standard usage. Right now, we have no copy of app which is freezing. We will watch it and we will be prepared to provide minified version of app in case of any further problems.


Jakub Jirgl

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