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I am using Views::Group object in one of the screen to display other screen object.
That is working on Embedded Wizard pro, but generated .c and .h files are using in IAR to flash it on target.
But code is crashing and it is going EwPanic() function.
Is there any configuration need to do in Views::Group?

Thanks for the help
Bharath R

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Hi Bharath,

it seems there happens some error during runtime on your target.
Please provide more information about the target that you are using, the version of Embedded Wizard and the Build Environment that you are using.
Furthermore, please connect your target via serial connection with a console application so that you receive runtime messages from your target.
Please post the entire startup message and the error message that is reported - then it should be easy to find the root cause for the EwPanic() that happens.

Best regards,

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