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I am developing a UI interface with UART and I need to implement some code that will be called when by the UART callback functions. As a result, this part of the code will not be called by anything inside the Embedded Wizzard scope. I have implemented the code in as a method within a class. What seems to happen is that the respective method of the class is not part of the generated code. I assume this comes as a result of the fact that Embedded Wizard is optimizing the code and sees that the method is not called anywhere, so flicks it out.

Is there a way that I can tell EmbeddedWizzard that the method, even though not called by anythings within its scope, should be part of the generated code?

Thanks a lot for the support.



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Hello Gazi,

your assumtion is correct - if a member is not used within a GUI project, Embedded Wizard Studio removes it during the code generation because of optimization.

If you want to prevent a certain member to be removed, you should use the Generator attribute and set it to true in order to force the code generation.

Btw: Please take care that you do not call any Embedded Wizard code in the context of other threads (or an ISR) - see section avoid multithreading.

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