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When running our application in the simulator, I'm seeing this error:

[3.7.2020 16:17:03] Runtime : EMWI ERROR: code: 180, info1: 284551B8, info2: 32
For details please visit https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/errors


This happened once, but a reboot and restart of EW fixed it. It's now happened again a few hours later.

It seems to be linked to fonts. Nothing has changed in that respect.

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the error code 180 indicates that your application tries to display a string containing the character with code 32 and there is no glyph in the given font for such character. To solve the problem you have to add the code 32 to the Ranges attribute of the affected font.

Important question in this context is thus which font is affected? The error message identifies the problematic font in the value info1. Actually (version <= 9.30) it shows the memory address where the font data is stored. As such it does not help a lot. What can you do?

Option 1: Review the Ranges attribute of all fonts existing in your project. Is there a font missing the code 32? Then adapt it accordingly.

Option 2: You can send us your project via e-mail and we will evaluate it with the Embedded Wizard version we are working on actually. This version displays in error 180 directly the name of the affected font instead of its address and helps so to find the problematic font member. Please provide instructions how to provoke the error.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi Paul,

The ranges.txt is fine (It's generated from an application that converts a customer supplied XML file into strings) and the project has been OK for months.  The font is a customer

Since I rebooted my PC again, the error has gone away and has not happened again for a few days.

I think for now I will monitor this and if it starts to become a problem I can see with our customer if I can send you the project and fonts.

Thanks for your reply.


it sounds strange. According to your description, the Ranges attribute has been changed. Or, there are some dynamic text contents in your application which sometimes involve character codes not listed in Ranges attribute. Are you sure the conversion XML to EWU is correct? I hope you can reproduce the behaviour again.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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