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Hello there,

We have a valid licence for embeded wizard. Build from Embedded Wizard Studio Pro and deploy via StartGccBuildEnvironment.bat works fine. No watermark on display of device.

We are integrating the embedded wizard generated sources into our project, and we see watermark on the screen after deploy with our project.

We tried to include whole configuration of the generated project into our project

  • right path to library
  • includes of source files
  • preprocessor defines

but it does not help to hide the watermark. What could be wrong?

Feel free to check screenshots with the configuration of our project.

We set right path to library, the folder \EmbeddedWizard\PlatformPackage\RT\RGB565\ contains libewgfx-m7-gcc.a , the folder EmbeddedWizard\PlatformPackage\RT\RTE\ contains, libewrte-m7-gcc.a

Both libraries are equal to libraries in generated project by Embedded Wizard Studio Pro.


Thank you, for your help,

Jakub Jirgl

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Hello Jakob,

please login to our download center by using your login and password.

Then download the "Professional-AddOn" package or "SmallBusiness-AddOn" package (according to your license you will see one of these packages).

Please follow the instructions and put these AddOns into your development environment and rebuild the entire binary - then the watermark will disappear.

Does it work?

Best regards,

Manfred Schweyer.

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