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How do I call a Python method from GUI? I have a raspberry PI with DHT11 temp sensor from adafruit library which I want to read when click on button. No idea how to get it to work.

The python library already has all the code in, and when called from my testmycode.py program it returns the humidity and temperature correctly.

Just have no idea how to integrate with the GUI.

The tutorials are very difficult to understand. Is is possible to buy 1 MS Teams session (or similar) to help me as I only have the free version?

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let me refer to the example DeviceIntegration that you will find in the subdirectory /Examples within the Raspberry Pi Build Environment. This example demonstrates how to access a hardware button and a LED by using the WiringPi library. You can use this example as template to make your own hardware integrations.

Concerning the question "Running a Python code from C in Raspberry Pi" let me refer to the different Raspberry Pi forums and tutorials.

The integration of some hardware into the RasPi environment is only one aspect. Concerning the development of GUI applications with Embedded Wizard, let me recommend to take some time in order to get familiar with the development workflow and with this powerful GUI technology. Please take the time to read the Quick Tour (or watch the Quick Tour video tutorial). Additionally, we have a set of webinars called Master Class Mondays that might help.

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