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Hi !

Before, I have make a project with Harmony v2.06, Embedded Wizard and PIC32MZ2064DAG169. This project works very well !

But today, I need to use Embedded Wizard with a PIC32MZ2064DAR176, it's the new generation of PIC32MZ2064DAG176 that are become obsolete. But this device is not compatible with Harmony v2.06... I can use only Harmony 3 with the PIC32MZ2064DAR176.

So, before start my project, I want to be sure than Harmony 3 are compatible with Embedded Wizard.

Do you know if I can use Harmony 3 with Embedded Wizard ? Because all PIC32_DAx have a new generation that are not compatible with Harmony v2.06...

Thank you so much and have a nice day !

Best Regard

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Hi Morgane,

In fact Embedded Wizard has no requirements to use Harmony. However, as of now, only Harmony 2 is supported. Generally speaking we could also migrate to Harmony 3, but this is something that I need to discuss in more detail with our Harmony expert. Please get in direct contact with us via support@embedded-wizard.de.

Thanks and best regards,

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