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I build a GUI using the emwin on the iMXRT1052, the lcd and gui buffer be placed in a cacheable region of planned SDRAM space. 

Actual operation result, it's performance drop during moving actions of the GUI elements. I tried to enable the D-cache for the whole SDRAM, it's OK.  

But I can't set the whole SDRAM to CACHE, the program needs to be placed Global data placement with SDRAM, and the region set to Non-cache, Is there any other solution?

The following is memory of the system configuration.

iMX RT1050 Memory setting:

·          BOARD_SDRAM:  Global data region。

·          BOARD_SDRAM_CACHE:  Gui framebuffer used。

·          BOARD_SDRAM_NON_CACHE: Reserved 。

iMX RT1050 Cache setting:



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Hi Andy,

In fact the used SDRAM settings were used directly from NXP's SDK into our Build Environment and were not modified. So I'm very sorry that I cannot help you further in terms of those adaptions right now. Hence I need to route you to NXP and their documentation/forum/FAEs.

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