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            I want to try to modify "Widgets" -> PushButton...

           But it has not been saved...How can I restore???

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Hello Tony,

Mosaic is not intended to be modified - it contains essential functionality for GUI applications. Sometimes it is useful to modify Mosaic if you are debugging a difficult problem in your application and you need to add trace statements to Mosaic. But permanent modifications are not intended. If you have the project still opened, you can recover (copy) your modifications from the affected Push Button, etc. components. If you have closed your project, the modifications are lost.

If you want to configure the Push Button, please see the section Customize your own Push Button. It explains how you can provide other bitmaps for the push button or change colors and fonts. If the provided Push Button widget is not flexible enough, you should create your own Push Button component by using the provided Push Button component template. See the section Creating components from templates.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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