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What is the difference between Generic Platform package and RX65N Platform package?

Is there will be any major difference? if so can i know them?


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Hi Vamsi,

the most important difference between all the available Platform Packages is the Graphics Engine. Each Graphics Engine is prepared to make the best possible use of the graphics system of the respective target. This means, if a certain target provides a hardware graphics accelerator, all supported graphics operations are done by the hardware and all unsupported graphics operations are done by software.

In case of various NXP MCUs the Pixel Pipeline (PXP) is used, in case of STM32 MCUs the DMA2D graphics accelerator is used and in case of Renesas RX65 the DRW2D hardware is used.

A Generic Platform Packages is prepared for one color format and contains all drawing operations with well-optimized software functions. Thus, it can be easily integrated into a target without any graphics accelerator.

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