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I have followed all the steps in https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-raspi-3b?v=9.30

I first looked at the HelloWorld Example. The make process returned a success message.

When I try to execute the binary (./EmbeddedWizard-RasPi-3B) nothing happens. Is there a way to debug or see messages?

I then also tried the binary in the MasterDemo folder with same result (nothing happens).

Running Rasbian Buster Version 10 on a Raspberry Pi Model A+ V1.1



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the messages should appear on the console window.

Are you using a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ or a Raspberry Pi 1 A+?

Have you connected the Raspberry Pi 7" touch display or have you connected another display via HDMI?

Best regard,

Hi Manfred,

Thank you for your quick response. I am using a Raspberry Pi 1 A+. Is that not supported from a hardware point of view, and should I therefore only try to use a Pi3/Pi4?

I am using another 7" display via HDMI. I am really keen to try and figure this out.

My biggest challenge is the device integration (to pass value from GUI to device and visa versa but I will get to that once I get the demo's up and running).


Jaco Muller

Hi Jaco,

from a hardware point of view, we provide two Raspberry Pi Build Environments, one for the Raspi 2 / 3 and one of the Raspi 4 - both in combination with the official Raspberry Pi 7" display.

In principle - as long as it possible to initialize EGL - it is possible to use other hardware combinations. But this is not tested and it is difficult to support.

You can try to add some printf() statements with the main.c / ewmain.c files and see how far you can go (based on the HelloWorld application). Then you can inspect which initialization fails. Typically the EGL initialization is the key.

Best regards,


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